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                About Us

                About Us

                Detail makes precision, achievement makes brilliance
                Development Path
                High tech diamond grinding enterprises adhering to human and environmental value

                Established Shenzhen Changxing Technology Co., Ltd.; won the title of "2011 Shenzhen Piggy Innovation Top 100 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", Henan Province is building a modern chemical industrial park of more than 80,000 square meters; successfully launched a full range of cutting, grinding and polishing products for the sapphire industry : Wire saws, band saws, cutting saw blades, etc.


                Introduced a fully automatic, zero-emission electroplating production line from Germany; successfully launched a "grinding system solution" to customers.


                National high-tech enterprise.

                Evaluated as the first place in the superhard material industry in Guangdong Province by the Superhard Materials Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association.


                Successfully launched high-speed rail ballastless track grinding wheels.


                Independently developed the first automated sand planting production line in Asia.


                Successfully developed special diamond tools for the touch screen cover forming of brand electronic products such as IPHONE, NOKIA, SAMSUNG, Lenovo, etc.


                Founded Shenzhen Changxing Diamond Abrasives Co., Ltd.; one of the largest superhard material tool manufacturers in China.


                Won the title of Alibaba Gold Supplier.


                Successfully launched sintered, resin, and ceramic superhard abrasive tools.


                Founded Shenzhen Changxing Hardware Grinding Wheel Factory, mainly engaged in electroplating superhard products.