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A notary public is a sworn and bonded official of the state of Texas who notarizes the signature of people or documentants required for different kinds of official actions such as mortgages, wills, deeds, powers of attorney, oaths and many other things. They are appointed and funded by the state of Texas. The notary public keeps all the legal documents of the citizens in safe custody and distributes them as required by the notary public. He is supposed to perform an honest services and make sure that the notary public acts in a lawful way for the benefit of the citizens.

notary public leander
notary public leander

To become a notary public, one has to pass many notary public exams. The license to notary is renewable upon completion of the notary public exam which may be renewed by paying the notary commission fees. This office is not governed by any federal or state laws. The notary public maintains and runs the office.

In order to get the notary public license, one needs to comply with the state laws. The notary public license can be obtained from the notary commission. The license is not valid without the notary bond. A notary bond is provided to protect the notary public from any fraud or dishonesty. Without the bond, one cannot notarize any documents.

There are many requirements to be fulfilled to get the notary license. First, one needs to reside in the State which issued the notary public license. Second, one needs to clear the notary public exams. A notary license can be renewed by paying the notary commission fee. A notary bond is also provided to protect the notary public from fraud or dishonesty.

One can not obtain the notary public license by lying on the notary bond. Thus, it is essential to be honest while applying for the notary public license. One can not apply for a notary public license if he is bankrupt or have been divorced or remarried. He cannot also be a notary public who is on business in the same county as the county where he holds his office. He cannot hold more than one notary public license.

Most of the states have separate notary public offices. Different counties issue their own notary public license. To get a list of all the notary public offices in your state, visit the state government website.