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New advances in the treatment of malignant tumors stem from the use of patient-derived xenografts (PDX). This radical new approach to treating malignant tumors relies on the patient’s own immune cells to do the work of killing the cancerous tumor while leaving the healthy tissue unharmed. As a result, the patient enjoys a full remission from the disease. Unlike many cancer models, this procedure has shown excellent results in the treatment of several types of malignancies, including pancreatic, renal and cervical cancers.

CrownBio patient derived xenografts
CrownBio patient derived xenografts

There are two major advantages to patient derived xenografts (PDX). First, the immune system is able to attack cancer with little or no collateral damage to healthy tissue. In this respect, it differs dramatically from other cancer models, in which cancer is usually treated using chemotherapy. Second, the treatments can be administered before the patient is diagnosed with the disease. If cancer is caught in the very early stages, as it is in many cancers, then the treatments may be able to delay the disease progression, possibly prolonging the life expectancy for the patient.

The success of patient derived xenografts (PDX) lies in the ability of the immune cells to attack cancer without harming healthy tissue. This is achieved through a process known as immunomodulating therapy. In this process, the patient’s own immune cells are manipulated so that they attack cancer cells when they are not yet activated. This allows the patient to destroy cancer at its earliest stages, greatly improving the patient’s quality of life.

Crown Bio has developed a novel radiation therapy system, which we believe is the first of its kind, that allows us to target pre-cancerous tumors. Our novel radiation therapy system called Crown X-Ray, or C TR apart from its sister technologies. We believe that C TR offers the best possible combination of radiation therapy and surgery that is possible. Unlike previous cancer therapies, Crown Bio’s C TR is minimally invasive and highly successful in its own right. We chose not to use traditional radiation therapy for our patients, as it does not offer the safety and benefits that we believe are available through radiation therapy combined with surgical removal.

The C TR system uses an instrument called the ‘image guided rod’. This rod is actually a hand-held x-ray machine, designed to guide radiation beams throughout the body. Crown Bio scientists liken the procedure to brushing a snowflake off of your cheek, as the radiation beam passes over the target area, the targeted tumors are illuminated, allowing the surgeon to see them and make an informed decision about the target area. The patient also has the option to opt not to have a tumor identified. That is why, unlike some other technologies, the Crown Bio patient derived xenografts are virtually pain free and non-invasive.

The technology used in this treatment is based on the patient’s biological makeup. In order to treat any cancer patient, there must be some changes to the patient’s DNA. The new technique we have developed allows for a precise identification of the patient’s genetic makeup so that we can immediately begin treating cancerous tumors with the very latest cancer cure, hopefully before the tumors spread to other parts of the body. The patient’s DNA is then corrected so that when these tumors spread to other parts of the body, they also correct themselves, hopefully preventing future cancers.

When you undergo radiation therapy as part of your cancer treatment, the radiation beams are sent in little segments called ‘clips’. The information from these clips helps the radiation therapist to determine where to strike next. For this reason, the surgery is minimally invasive. The patient’s natural cells are also targeted during the procedure. This means that there is significantly less risk of side effects than with other types of radiation therapy.

Crown Biotechnology is very exciting for two reasons. We are helping cancer patients live longer, and we are also helping to make sure that the people who are affected by cancer are able to fight their disease. We think that within a few years, this new technology will be commonplace. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing technology, and how it may benefit you or a loved one, please visit the website listed below.