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What is Vidnami? Is it a DVD rental company? Is it the new Yoplait drink? Is Vidnami a better alternative to Zojirushi juice boxes or similar items? All questions you will find answered in this Vidnami review.

Is Vidnami easy to use
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Vidnami is a newer company that offers an interesting service: original and copyright free music downloads. Their services go beyond music downloads, however. You can also use their VOIP services to connect with your phone lines and to make free long distance calls. If you have a high speed Internet connection and a phone, you can do much more with Vidnami than you could with Zojirushi, Philips, and other similar services.

With Vidnami, you can add music to your home theater. You can also use its VOIP services to take calls over the Internet. This is a good feature if you need to make long distance calls, or want to keep your phone line free for other uses. And you can even add music and video to your existing Zojirushi media library. All these features are possible because Vidnami supports many common multimedia file formats, including the likes of AVI, MPG, JPEG, WMA, Mpeg, and MPEG-2 videos and audio tracks.

Where to start? It’s really quite easy to use Vidnami. First, you’ll need to download their starter software. After downloading, it will prompt you to insert your USB or flash drive of disc that you want to transfer your movies to. Click on “next” when prompted. You will be shown a list of files that you can choose from, and from there, you’ll be able to choose which ones you want to copy to your hard drive.

Now you can start adding all your favourite music tracks, TV shows, movies, voiceovers, short films and more. In fact, this is a feature that sets Vidnami apart from other similar programs. Its “bit robotic” technology allows you to edit and combine your files in the same way as you would with any other PC program. For example, you can add your original voice recording to your video and then use the voice track to increase the level of special effects, or create a different tempo and key to the music tracks in your video. In fact, even music tracks and voiceovers look great when placed side by side on the same disc!

There are other impressive features of Vidnami, too. For example, you can add almost any voice to your recordings, provided it’s available in a format that the computer can read. If your computer can only play a few formats, such as WAV and MP3, there’s no problem, because your computer will be able to read those files. Even if you don’t have any royalty free voices available, you can transfer audio from your computer to a DVD-R or VCD compatible player. Even if your DVD-R or VCD does not contain a voice file that you want, the software will still make it possible for you to transfer the file, since it is designed to be “bit robotic”.

Does all this sound good to you? Well, let me tell you that it does. It’s almost unbelievable, actually. When I first heard about Vidnami, I really didn’t know whether to use it or not. However, after using the whole process and learning how to use all the features, I knew that I would give this product a try, and I am very happy that I did.

Basically, the whole process consists of three easy steps. First, you go to the main menu and click on “upload now” or “select files to upload”. Second, once your video has uploaded, you can either watch it directly on YouTube or save it to your hard drive. Finally, you will be given the option to either put the video on your website or save it as a YouTube playlist.