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There are many ways to show your creativity and ingenuity by displaying your unique artwork in a gallery or exhibition. Of course, we always want to display our artistic talent in a different way, with an artist. But how do you get your artist to purchase your art piece?


You have probably heard of the artists’ agents. Artists’ agents can be your best friend when you want to sell your art or craft. They know that if they can come up with a great deal on the artist’s art, it is very likely that you will get the artist to buy it. If you get an experienced agent to represent you, you may even be able to make money selling your work after your artist has purchased it.

Artists’ galleries are also great places to sell your work. An experienced artist gallery owner or manager may be more willing to buy from you because they will usually be getting back less than what the piece costs from you. This will save them money on buying the art from you. For this reason, many galleries offer low introductory prices and commission discounts to artists who take part in their shows. However, do not be fooled; galleries still require a fee for each sale of art.

The best way to get an artist to buy from you is by promoting your art through the Internet. Don’t forget to mention that you represent the artist. Also make sure that you put your contact information on your website.

Send out informational articles to your audience via email, articles on your website. Tell your audience about your prices, quality of the art and how you will be happy to sell art to them again. Then, once you have been in business for a while, you may consider sending out an auction with an expert (usually an artist) placing bids on the artist’s artwork.

Don’t forget to let your artist know about your new venture in selling art. Tell him/her that you are proud of your art and would like to get it into someone’s hands. This will also allow your artist to get a feel for the type of people who will buy from you. If you don’t give the artist an idea of what kind of people will buy from you, he/she may not trust you.

When you get your artist to buy your work, remember to negotiate the price of your affordable art pieces. Negotiate a low price and then see if the artist will go lower after that. If the artist does not negotiate, then you can try asking your agent for help.

With luck, your artist will trust you enough to purchase the work and then tell you where he/she bought it from. If you don’t get a response from your artist within a few days, check your email and make sure you did not leave a voice mail message. Contact your agent right away and find out what he/she told your artist about where he/she bought the art from.