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When it comes to custom home builders macon ga is one name stands out from the rest. That is John Baer, a retired Air Force Colonel who now runs his own home builders in Middle Georgia. This area has always been home to some of the best custom home builders in the country, so John has built many homes here including one that was listed as the number one selling home in the US. This is not an impossibility anymore. If you are interested in home builders in Middle Georgia give John Baer a call and see what he can do for you.

“I started out as a subcontractor for several home builders in Georgia. There were several of us and we worked together through building custom homes. I graduated in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland. The focus of my career was to help out with construction projects. I did everything from electrical to mechanical design and everything in between.

“When I retired I started my own building contractor business. I specialized in Macon designs. Macon is the state bird, the only game bird in Georgia. My specialty was macon construction. I have enjoyed every aspect of building custom homes in the state of Georgia. I have macon specialists that can do anything from the foundation to the roof.

“When I build a home, it is done exactly as custom home builders suggest. My specialty is macon and I can do anything to any home I build. We don’t have a lot of flexibility. For example, if the home isn’t a macon design we can change the style, the color, the floor plan, etc. Right now we have a home that is a macon home, but it isn’t set in stone, and it probably will never be.

“I like the fact that we have a lot of flexibility. If a home doesn’t fit our guidelines or isn’t what we were imagining it to be, we can adjust the home builder and the home itself to make it what we envision. I love working with people on custom home builds. It is great having a home builder that is flexible and willing to change with what the market wants.”

“My favorite part about working with Georgia home builders is the macon principle. Macon stands for; “I want it done right”. Everyone wants to do something right and they also want to be able to make the decisions that are right. So, if the home builder can do something right with the home, then they will not only be happy, but their customers will be happy. This principle has saved my butt more than once when dealing with macon specifications and building custom homes in the middle Georgia area.”