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A modern version of the classic outdoor landscape design, a garden stand is an ideal way to display your favorite herbs, vegetables, flowers and tropical plants. With a variety of styles and sizes, you can now take advantage of a stand as an accessory or centerpiece to complete your landscape design project. And because it can be moved and repositioned on a regular basis, it allows you to change the look of your yard with little effort.

Classic styling appeals to those who are looking for something that can complement their standard garden design. Traditional styling often includes four Corner Lattice and one Flat Half Round Lattice Plant Stand. These traditional styles are great for small gardens and feature an ornate base with four metal pieces that form an eye-catching framework that supports four tall pillars. These pillars are made from wrought iron, and their colors range from silver grey, gold, cream and white. The base has five rows of hanging shelves for displaying the different herbs. For a beautiful focal point, these are the perfect choice.

In addition to adding color and personality, the colorful accent pieces can add more visual interest. For example, a colorful terracotta pot with a unique design could make a great base for the plant stand. These pieces feature a hand painted design, and their bright colors coordinate well with other parts of the design. One of the popular terracotta pot designs is the “Lion Head”. This pot is embellished with a pair of lion heads and pelt. You can easily match the design with the terracotta stand by using similar colors and materials.

A small and light weight version of the traditional look is the “Plant Stand”. These are perfect for planting a variety of small plants in small spaces, as these are portable and easy to move around your yard. Each unit has four flat half round Lattices and one flat rectangle piece. These units are made of a lightweight plastic material that makes them easy to transport, store and move.

The ultimate in modern design is the “Plant Stand Express”. This product features a large base with a variety of shelves for displaying a large variety of herbs and flowers. These are made from an insulating polyethylene plastic material, which is easy to clean. and maintain.

Decorative garden stands are a simple but effective way to enhance the look of your home while increasing the value of your home. and enhancing the overall beauty of your outdoor landscape design project.