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Walk in closets with fitted wardrobes are the best option if you want to free up floor space in your home. You can fit two sets of bedding and furniture into one room and make it look like a larger space than it really is.

Not only do you get more space, but the wardrobe comes in various sizes and shapes to suit your requirements. The other benefit is that they are easier to store and organise, and you can get all the extra storage space that you need for clothes and other belongings.

Fitted wardrobes come in many different styles and shapes. There are bare and wooden, hardwood and glass, loft conversions and storage conversions. It’s important to consider the space that you have available before you start to shop around for suitable fitted wardrobes.

fitted wardrobes

If you want to free up floor space, then walk in wardrobes are an ideal choice. If you have limited space, then the Riverdale bespoke joinery wardrobes are a great solution. They will fit in your existing loft space or you can easily convert a spare room into a bedroom by fitting a new wardrobe, leaving more room to move around.

Fitted wardrobes are so versatile that you can even use them as a bedroom wardrobe, if you like. Just don’t think that there is anything unusual about them. It is possible to buy basic wood framed wardrobes, or even simple flat panel units.

If you want something a little more high tech, then there are also convertible and conversion unit options. Convertible wardrobes are the perfect solution if you want to convert a smaller room into a bedroom.

Loft conversions allow you to convert your existing closet into a bedroom or study and then get a suitable wardrobe built in. It’s a perfect solution if you are just moving into a house or have an existing house that you are converting into a loft conversion.

Fitted wardrobes are generally very durable and are able to stand up to the elements for many years. They are also strong enough to withstand many years of wear and tear.

Shorter wardrobes come in two basic shapes, open or closed. If you prefer, you can add matching furniture to the shorter, longer and standard wardrobes.

If you want to free up floor space, then get a walk-in closet. It is very simple to store all your clothes and other belongings and makes your room look bigger.

Walk in closets are a very useful alternative to bedroom furniture. They are compact and take up very little space.

Fitted wardrobes are a very popular choice in modern homes. You can have a versatile, adaptable and comfortable wardrobe that you can use in many different ways.