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Have you thought about dental veneers in Vancouver, Washington? Many people do – and they’re choosing to move here. The reason is simple: Vancouver, Washington is home to one of the most innovative and sophisticated all-on-four cosmetic dentistry practices in the country. Here are four reasons that people are moving from larger cities to the small town of Vancouver, Washington.

dental veneers vancouver

Tooth whitening in Vancouver is among the most popular procedures that are performed at this all-in-one dental office. Veneer teeth whitening in Vancouver are a fraction of the cost of other dental procedures. Typically, dental veneers cost anywhere from three thousand dollars to six thousand dollars for a tooth whitening procedure. By comparison, all-in-one cosmetic dentistry offices in larger cities like Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon cost anywhere between seven thousand and ten thousand dollars for a simple teeth whitening procedure. Veneer teeth whitening in Vancouver, on the other hand, costs around half that amount – a lower cost, for a higher level of whitening.

Cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver also offers teeth bleaching, which is just what its name implies. In many smaller all-in-one dental offices, the dental hygienist will use a bleaching agent that is applied with a cotton swab and then left to sit for a few minutes before being brushed off. The result is a bright smile that looks like your natural teeth. Teeth bleaching in Vancouver uses porcelain veneer material that is similar to that used by your own teeth. This material allows the dental hygienist to create a uniform white smile and to remove any discolorations that are not visible in the natural teeth. Porcelain veneer teeth in Vancouver have an exceptionally high level of durability and sturdiness, which is why so many people opt to purchase them.

Cosmetic dentists in Vancouver will often offer other services, such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneer maintenance. By ordering all of these products from the same dental office, you can save money over the long run. Some dental insurance plans offer discounts when dental veneers are purchased in conjunction with other procedures. If you have insurance, ask your dental care provider if they cover the cost of porcelain veneer installation or maintenance. Chances are that it is covered – many insurance providers prefer to keep their options open rather than turn patients down for something they may never need.

If you’re looking for a long term solution, rather than a temporary one, then you may want to consider dental veneers as a permanent solution. Unlike conventional porcelain veneer materials, dental veneers do not chip, crack, or wear down over time. Because they are fused to the surface of the tooth, there is no need to remove them. If you move, you can take your dental veneers with you.

Dental veneer materials are much more durable than traditional tooth enamel and will last much longer. Your teeth will continue to look great for a very long time, and dental veneers in Vancouver are even stronger than their conventional counterparts. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of teeth veneer installation, so you won’t have to worry about high dental bills. You may even qualify for a discount on dental work in Vancouver.

Dental veneer materials are also available in different colors and styles. Depending on how much whitening you need and what shade you want, you can purchase a dental veneer that matches your smile perfectly. When you purchase your veneer in Vancouver, you can get custom-made options as well, which will ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind look.

Dental veneer materials in Vancouver are top-notch, and you won’t regret the investment. The long-term benefits of these materials make them an excellent choice, but they’re also very affordable. If you need whiter teeth and a new smile, look into dental veneer materials in Vancouver for your solution today.