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A few months ago, I read a survey of benefits of using a health care extender. This seems to be a growing trend, and is most definitely a fact: we have become too dependent on our doctors, and on medical equipment that is in place.

In my opinion, many people do not realize that their health is important to their families and children, so if this is the new generation we have in charge, we will find ourselves in a world that does not value their lives and quality of life. ( Let’s hope there are more people like me.

Diabetes is one of the most common forms of chronic disease. And it seems like new patients are popping up left and right, as they make their way through the medical system. A person with diabetes, and their family, are entitled to some extra care by way of health education.

Since so many diseases and disorders can be associated with the use of our medical devices, it is my opinion that some form of health education on health care extenders is a very good idea. I know that we are all at risk for getting diseases but just because we are exposed to them does not mean we should let them go untreated.

The other thing that seems to be cropping up a lot is cancer, and it is also of great concern. Sadly, many times cancer becomes undiagnosed and untreated, as is evidenced by the increased number of cancer cases we are experiencing.

When I saw that survey, I thought about this and wondered if the HIT Consultant was promoting some type of cancer education, and I asked him about it. He had another answer for me.

“We do have a program for cancer and diabetes” he said, “but I don’t believe this would work with a cancer patient, since the process can take so long. With a person who has cancer, we see the disease and manage it until they can get the treatment they need.

“With a cancer patient, the whole process is completed right then and there. That is what most of our people want to know.

“As far as cancer education goes, I believe you should always take care of yourself and the information we provide is all prevention and education. My health-care technology is designed to teach you how to prevent your illness and to give you some extra help when the situation does arise.”

Yes, I agree with that. I also agree that the cancer education and communication with your family are vital.

As we know, in our society, people are not doing enough to help themselves or their family. By educating yourself, and giving your loved ones the information they need, you are taking part in preventing the things that can eventually kill you, so the members of your family have a chance to survive.