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Aromatherapy and Yoga both deal with the elements of Spirituality and Spirit-based, health, mental and physical energy. Aromatherapy is often used in conjunction with yoga, and they are both used to create a spiritual connection within the body. Many people use aromatherapy oils to enhance their moods for healing purposes.

In Thailand, where the Theravada Buddhist religion is dominant, many use herbs to cure and treat illnesses. The herbs are the same herbs used in Aromatherapy and samui Yoga retreat Thailand. Today, many health practitioners there practice herbal medicine, while in the United States we still do not have many practitioners who practice this ancient form of healing. There are many herbs that are used to treat a variety of ailments.

Thai Massage has been widely accepted in the West and used by many people to relax, strengthen the body and treat injuries. Many cultures are practicing a form of massage with slow circular strokes, because it can help balance the body’s energy field and the meridians that run through the body. With the use of oils for massage and other products, Thai Massage can be relaxing and invigorating.


Massaging stimulates the blood flow and can revitalize the lymphatic system, which helps the body’s immune system to function properly. Through deep tissue massage the Chinese can help to heal and balance an individual’s energy field. Through deep tissue massage you will be able to release pent up stress and tension, as well as eliminate any blockages from the body’s meridians.

One of the benefits of Aromatherapy and Thai Massage is bio-impedance analysis. Bio-impedance analysis is a way of identifying how each individual is affected by various natural agents. The difference between the blood flow in a person and the blood flow in the air is called bioimpedance. As a result of bio-impedance anindividual can feel the difference between the two to determine their balance.

Aromatherapy uses one or more essential oils and bio-impedance analysis to determine the balance of an individual. Bio-impedance analyzers are used in the classroom setting, and also in the home environment for improving health, and can even be used in a spa setting.

Coconut oil is used as a massage oil, and when massaged on the skin it increases blood flow to the skin. It is usually used as a massage oil and is sometimes used as a base for mixtures. Coconut oil and lavender are both excellent smelling and can be applied to many types of skin for different reasons.

Tea Tree Oil is an organic antiseptic and antifungal agent and is very helpful for the healing of skin and cuts. Tea Tree Oil can be used to clean the skin and its antibacterial property can help to heal acne, sores, cuts and burns. If the tea tree oil is directly applied to a wound, the dead skin cells will absorb the oil and cause the wound to heal.