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Puppies can be a wonderful addition to your family pets can provide a lot of love and joy. However, if you have a puppy, there are some very important things that you should know about.


This is why you need to know about the three kinds of Labrador puppies. One of the three is of course the hairless, and the other two are not. So, what are the differences between these dogs?

Hairless Labradors are the least hair in length. They are very light in weight and they do not shed as much. The lack of hair on them is often due to their diet. Hairless Labradors eat a diet consisting of vegetarian foods, raw meat, fish, nuts, and seeds, or raw vegetables.

Although they may lose some weight as puppies, hairless Labradors are usually very healthy. They will have less health problems. Because of their lack of hair, their coats are not very thick, which makes them look different from normal Labradors.

Fur Coated Labradors has an entire fur coat that forms around their entire body. Their skin is soft and wrinkled, unlike fur coats. Unlike the hairless puppy, fur-coated Labradors will be healthier than the hairless puppies.

However, most fur coats shed and so they cannot be used for protection in the winter. They will not shed as much as a normal Lab’s coat. Fur Coated Labradors does not eat as well as other Labradors. They will need to be fed a more specific diet.

Wireless Dog Fences is the kind of Labradors that will do a great job in protecting your family. All theLabradors that are coated will go through a strict elimination process. Their coats will shed to the point where the wireless dog fence can remove their coat completely, without harming the puppy. If the coat is completely removed, it will last three times longer.

This is because the dogs are removed from the fight between the hairs and without the coats the dogs are free to stay in the house without fighting the hair anymore. The hair does not bother the dogs like the ones in your average K-9 homes. It is a good feature for all K-9 dogs to have.

When puppies get older, there will not be a need for the dogs to use the wireless dog fences anymore. The dogs will still work with the same premise that they work with when they are young. The fact that they work without harming the dogs does not change.

By nature, all Labradors are wonderful dogs. They will provide love and happiness, and they will be loving and caring. They can be trusted and your family will love them.

However, it is important to know the differences between coats and not every dog can be vaccinated and wormed the same way. In this case, the dogs should always be cleaned thoroughly by a veterinarian. They will get their annual shots, and they will also get a worming and ear treatment when needed.

The hairless puppy and the fur-coated puppy both have very nice qualities that will be a good addition to your home. Both the dogs and the people who love them will benefit greatly from both the different coats and the vaccinations. Both will work well for your dog’s and your families needs.