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This article has been written to help you learn more about Rishi Kapoor, the star of the Pakistani, romantic comedy film- “RXHd” which recently won the “Special Jury Prize at the 18th Cannes Film Festival”. The film was also honored with the best Indian film award at the same fest.

Rudraksha Rishi Kapoor is a popular name in Hollywood Hindi movies but he is not yet well known in Pakistan as Rishi Kapoor. But now he has won numerous awards from Bollywood Hindi movies and has become a star of sorts. It is believed that he was initially an actor with small roles in Hollywood Hindi movies before he started doing Bollywood Hindi movies.

Rishi Kapoor had an important role in the latest release movie- “RXHd” directed by Saleem Shah. The role of Ajay Singh in the film was played by Rishi Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. The popularity of this film is further enhanced by the amazing performances of the actors including, who play Rishi Kapoor and Ashwin Kumar as well.

rdx hd

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The movie “RXDH” is one of the best examples where good acting and cinematography are combining to create a drama. The scene where Ajay Singh meets a young girl named Ms. Namita is a must see in a movie. The storyline of the movie is excellent.

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Pakistan is a country which has produced some of the most famous stars in Hollywood such as Billy Madison, Who’s the Boss, Rebel Without a Cause, etc. Such movies with Pakistani stars are yet to be released on DVD in US. So if you have not yet watched Rishi Kapoor in Bollywood Hindi movies then now is the time.