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A T-Shirt, is an open style of garment typically made of cotton and called a plane or crew necked t-shirt because of the T-shaped body and sleeve openings. Traditionally, it usually has short, round sleeves and a tapered neckline, called a crew neck, that lack a traditional collar. T-Shirts are typically produced of a light, stretchable and fairly inexpensive material and are quite easy to maintain. The main purpose of a T-Shirt is to be used to display an individual’s personal opinion or political affiliation and/or to advertise a product or service.

T-Shirts have become an increasingly popular item of clothing over the past five years. As they are machine washable and considered a universal item of clothing, a t-shirt can be worn by people of any age, of any race, of any sex, and by nearly everyone in the world. T-Shirts are known for their wide appeal and come in all shapes and sizes. They are not only comfortable but also look good, although some T-Shirts may have small or large print designs.

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T-Shirts can be either long sleeved or short sleeved, with long-sleeved versions being more common in casual wear and youth fashion, while shorter-sleeved T-Shirts are more suited for the work environment or professional situations. In terms of style, T-Shirts tend to follow the fashion fit model where the shoulders are wide and the torso is shaped, with the torso and sleeves sitting at about waistline level. T-Shirts, which sit at the hips are called ‘tubular’, whereas T-Shirts whose sleeves are long and droopy are termed ‘fallen sleeve’.

T-Shirts are traditionally made from cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester yarn, though the popularity of denim jeans has led to an increase in the popularity of T-Shirts as well. T-Shirts which are made from genuine cotton or faux cotton (a material that resembles cotton) are very comfortable and often warm and soft, making them ideal for wearing in winter. T-Shirts made from blends of cotton and polyester yarn are very comfortable, look great, and are warmer than traditional cotton T-Shirts. There is also a broad range of styles and colors available in T-Shirts. T-Shirts can be printed with any design, logo, phrase, image, or even a combination of these, providing endless opportunities for unique clothing.

In addition to being comfortable and warm, T-Shirts have another advantage which makes them so popular – they are suitable for both sexes, regardless of body size or shape. They are one of the few fashion items that are both unisex and flexible. Women’s T-Shirts tend to be larger and thicker than men’s T-Shirts. T-Shirts which are made to be unisex include long-sleeved jackets and cardigans. T-Shirts for children generally fit closer to the body, but some manufacturers have introduced child sizes in recent years.

The construction of the T-Shirt, including its finishing and stitching, enables it to be both functional and appealing. The visual appeal of a T-Shirt depends mainly on its look, which is enhanced by its design and color. A T-Shirt, which combines a high degree of color contrast with a smooth and reflective finish is likely to be more appealing than a design which has sharp contrasts and intricate detail. A T-Shirt which is colorful and bright will make an attractive item of undergarment. Its simplicity and practicality are also likely to result in more sales for the company selling it.

T-Shirts which are made from cotton, an eco-product, can be less environmentally friendly than those made from conventional fabric. A T-Shirt made from sustainable cotton can help protect the environment by reducing landfill use, saving trees which are often cut down to supply the fiber for T-Shirts. A T-Shirt which is made from 100% certified organic cotton is an even better choice, as organic cotton is considered the most eco-friendly fabric. Organic cotton is cultivated using only chemical-free pesticides and insecticides. An organic T-Shirt also helps protect the environment.

Unisex T-Shirts is suitable for everyday use, including sports wear, casual wear and work wear. A T-Shirt looks equally well with various different kinds of apparels including denim, formal wear and casual trousers and jeans. The cost of an Unisex T-Shirt depends on the material used, its design and the size of the shirt. A plain white Unisex T-Shirt is cheaper than a T-Shirt printed with say, a Harley-Davidson design or a Union suit. Prices will also vary considerably according to the brand and the designer of the apparel. But the bottom line is that an Unisex T-Shirt looks just as good with a suit, a casual trousers trouser and jeans as it does with a skirt, shorts and a tank top.