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We have all heard the expression “Trusted with my life”, but few of us really know what this means. How do we define “trusted” and why is it so important to us? We may be skeptical of the definition of trust, or we may not even believe that it exists at all. If we are willing to accept that there is a concept, and we define it to be “trustworthy”trustworthy person”, then we can begin to understand why a trusted person is vital in our everyday lives.

Trusted words with meaning mean the same as “trustworthy”. They are used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. Synonyms for “trusted” include trustworthy, honest, reliable, honest.

Loyalty means “to have loyalty to one another”. Loyalty is a word with a different meaning than “trusted”. People who are loyal are faithful and dedicated to their beliefs, principles and ideals. Loyalty is not necessarily a behavior we want to be associated with.

Strong or loyal is usually defined as having a strong and solid commitment to something. This can be anything from your beliefs and convictions to your spouse and family. Loyalty has nothing to do with a personality trait. When you have strong and solid commitments, that means you are serious about what you believe in. You are committed to the outcome, not just the concept. You are committed to follow through.

A trusted person is someone we trust to make decisions on our behalf. They are someone we trust to help guide us and teach us the right things. A trusted person is someone we trust to watch over our children and watch over us.

We have a choice in being our trusted person. We need to decide what we need from our lives and where we want them to go. Trust is an important part of the process and in being our trusted person. The more trusted you become with yourself and others, the more valuable your existence becomes to yourself and to everyone around you.

You have to learn to be the strong person. To be the person that can look at all situations objectively and make wise and informed decisions. You have to learn to be the person who has complete confidence in your decisions, but never allows those decisions to sway or influence those around you.

You have to be the kind of person that you want to be. Trust yourself first. Take the time to find your strengths, and start developing your weaknesses. You have to make sure you always listen to your heart and are willing to make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

Trusting is not about control or the power to control someone else’s decisions. It is about being a good person in general. It is a basic principle of life. It is about being self-centered, but also selfless.