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About the Morgan Pressel Foundation: The Morgan Pressel Foundation has been set up so as to further the effort against breast cancer, particularly in New Zealand. Upon the untimely death of its founder, Norm Ebenstein, the foundation was set up with the stated objective of continuing to help fund research into the cause and to advance the understanding of the disease and the potential treatments and or prevention of it. Norman Ebenstein was a prominent figure in the game of golf and a celebrity in his own right. He was a tennis star on the LPGA Tours and became known as an adviser to many a top player. On top of this he was also a well-known chef and author.

Norm initially started the foundation with fellow members from his own home country club, believing that by setting up such an organisation he could help raise money for research into various ailments that are caused by exposure to harmful environmental factors, especially air pollution. The organisation moved its base from America to Auckland, New Zealand, at the same time as Norm started to develop a golf program based on the holistic health approach. The foundation now has over thirty-five branches in nineteen countries and is working actively to combat breast cancer through the participation in fundraisers such as the’Norm’s Country Club’. The foundation has also formed an advisory board for concerned organisations.

The Morgan Pressel Foundation
The Morgan Pressel Foundation – Douglas Ebenstein

The foundation has also developed an impressive range of television advertisements and several short films that raise funds for the foundation annually. The foundation has a major donor’s programme, The Morgan Family Foundation Annual Charity Ball, drawing in thousands of guests from all over the world. The charity ball has been used by several celebrities to raise much needed funds for good causes including St. Andrews Country Club and the St. Andrews Golf Association, a major sponsor of research into the causes and treatment of breast and ovarian cancer among other illnesses. Other large benefactors for the annual event include Tourism Management International (TMGI), the World Service Fund (WFS), the Auckland City Council, the St. John’s Ambulance Service (St. Johns Ambulance), The Prince’s Trust (ROMSI), The Christchurch Hospital and the Wellcome Trust.

The foundation has also established The St. Andrews Country Club, which has links with the country club of the same name. A separate golf course, Boca Raton Golf Club, was built at the former site of the old St. Andrews Golf Course, overlooking Boca Raton Bay. There are also several tennis clubs and community centres located close to the golf courses, such as the St. Andrews Tennis Club and the St. John’s Golf Club.

The major championship golfing venue for the St. Andrews Country Club is Boca Raton, Florida. This club is one of the most prestigious in the world, and hosts some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, including the United States Open, The Masters Tournament and the Buick Invitational, among others. Additionally, the club hosts several other prominent tournaments, including the Buick Invitational Tournament, PGA Tour Junior Golf Tournament, and the Buick Invitational Tournament – Regulation Golf Series.

The other major events held annually at the Boca Raton Golf Club are the Buick Invitational Tournament, presented by Nationwide and the LPGA Tour Junior Golf Tournament, sponsored by Audi. The annual event also features many other top-tier golf tournaments, as well as concerts, theatrical performances and family activities. All of these events help to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research and treatment, as well as other related programs, such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

As part of their charitable efforts, the foundation has also started an initiative called Make A Smile A Game, which aims to encourage individuals to go beyond their abilities to give to charities, by making a difference in the lives of others. Each year, The Morgan Pressel Foundation raises money and sponsors for the cause, inviting some of the biggest names in sports to participate in a day of raising money and awareness for a variety of different causes, among them breast cancer awareness, childhood cancer prevention, and the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The star player of the game, Jimmy Piers, has also been a major supporter of the charity, and is actively involved in the organization’s work, as well as being a frequent participant in its fundraising events. His participation and support have not gone unnoticed by the organization, and he is regularly spotted participating in its annual charity games.