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The D-Central router from D-Link promises to provide customers with an unprecedented amount of control in their homes, with its unique two-in-one system. The company claims that its innovative technology will make the most out of existing infrastructure, by providing wireless access to a home network through its mobile base station units, while allowing users to access the internet from any device on the move.


One of the many key features of the new model is the “smart receiver” that will allow you to control your wireless routers remotely. The “pocket-sized” “D-Central” smart receiver is said to be completed and ready for testing on smartphones, tablets, and even other phones inside six months’ time. The D-Center’s three-network-range (a quarter of a mile in each direction) will enable users to access the internet in front of a solid government-protected wall, offering an anonymous browsing experience compatible with the latest Android operating systems. Users will also be able to access the internet from mobile phones, computers, and PDAs without having to enter their pin codes.

The D-Link smart receiver technology will also allow for easy mobility, as the wireless routers are able to easily connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in multiple locations at the same time. This means that users will be able to share files between computers without having to carry a separate USB Wi-Fi adapter.

The D-Link smart receiver works by sending signals between the base stations through a mesh network of satellites. The satellite signal can then be received by the phone or tablet and forwarded to the base station for processing. The D-Link D-Mobile Hub is able to scan the satellites for a signal and then sends out a signal to any devices connected to the network. The receiver unit can connect to any Android device, including phones, tablets and PDAs.

The D-Link Android app for the Smart Receptors allows users to quickly and easily set up the system and make their way around from one room to another. It also has a free map application that shows users the position of the base stations, allowing them to easily find their way around. The app has an integrated GPS system that is capable of navigating you around without making use of your phone.

Users will also enjoy remote access to their network with the D-Hub, the company’s latest generation of the Smart Receptors. which makes it possible to manage and configure the wireless routers from a PC or laptop.