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What are the best hair extensions for you? This is a question that would have multiple answer depending on the nature of your hair and how much time you are willing to spend to get the best hair extensions. Whether you are craving for change or the fashion statement of how to transform your hair the right choice of hair makes you’ret try a bit different style.

Malaysian vs Brazilian hair
Malaysian vs Brazilian hair

There are several popular types of hair extensions such as Caucasian, European, Russian, South Asian, and Malaysian to Brazilian hair. It depends on your choice whether you need straight hair, curly, wavy, silky or any other type. For curly hair needs more length, so it is not a good idea to choose curly hair types. Straight hair types on the other hand can be curly, wavy, silky or straight.

What are the differences between Brazilian hair VS Peruvian hair? Brazilian hair is very short in nature and straight, which makes it suitable for straightening. Brazilian hair vs Peruvian hair however have a more natural human appeal that makes it adaptable to various hair types. Brazilian hair VS Peruvian hair can be straightened with an iron while Malaysian hair Vs Brazilian hair can be curled with curling irons. However, if you want your hair curled or frizz free, you can use relaxers.

The texture of Brazilian hair also gives it a longer lasting effect. It is one of the most silky hair types. Its smooth and thin texture retains its shape even after being blow dried and smoothed. On the other hand, Peruvian hair has a less smooth and thinner texture that easily frizzes and can easily get frizzed because of hot air.

Another major characteristic of the hair is color. In most cases, brunettes and redheads are known to have very silky hair which makes it very versatile. However, if you want to add more body and hair volume, you can choose from different highlights available. You can get the best color effects by using the best hair extensions.

One more characteristic of the curly type is its natural curly texture. It is one of the easiest types to style and straighten. If you have straight hair but are afraid of frizzy ends, you can choose curly hair. Its straightness can still be maintained with the use of hair accessories such as curling irons, hair sprays and straightening balms.