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It is the aim of many people to improve their reading skills, in order to become a better person. Some, however, have no clear idea how to go about it. It is for them, therefore, that reading tips can come in very handy. The following are some of the most valuable and important tips for improving your reading skills.

reading habits

No: Improve your reading speed by eliminating bad habits and increase your reading speed: These zealously pursued speed reading techniques assidiously imbibed them and practiced them diligently so that eventually they quickly increased their reading speed, while not sacrificing comprehension and retention. Among these techniques, perhaps, the most important one that they should have adopted would have been avoiding bad habits such as reading aloud or verbally to oneself, or even reading aloud to a friend without correcting their own mistakes. These bad habits not only increase reading time, but also, make reading difficult and confusing for readers.

Don’t: read on a computer screen: One of the most common reading habits among people is to read on a computer screen. This habit, however, has very little or no effect on reading performance and may even pose a threat to the reader’s eyesight. If you want to avoid this habit and improve your reading abilities, you should try reading on paper or an index card.

Don’t: start reading with only one subject: If you want to improve your reading, then you should never start reading with just one topic under your belt. For starters, you should pick a broad topic and then proceed to read only that topic. This will ensure that you spend a lot of time on a single topic without getting bored and end up with a lower reading score than if you had just read on an index card, paper or other medium.

Don’t: read in groups: While you do not have to read in groups, this tip is a good one for those who want to improve their reading skills but do not have enough time to read the whole text in its entirety. Instead, you should break up the reading time by reading paragraphs or chunks and read it at your convenience.

Don’t: read too fast: As was mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to read at a speed that makes it difficult for you to follow. You should also take in a few words at a time and take your time in reading. When reading fast, you may find yourself skipping words or missing out of the flow of the story, which will make the text difficult to comprehend.