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“Dumpster King” is a Vancouver bin rental company that provides affordable bin rentals and dumpsters to commercial customers throughout Greater Vancouver. We have a large inventory of dumpsters ranging from single unit, two units, four units, and six unit dumpsters. We offer discounted bin rentals for multiple uses, as well as monthly bin rentals with easy monthly payment options. We carry a large variety of commercial bins, including aluminum, steel, plastic, corrugated, and corrugated boxes, wheelie bins, dumpster trucks, wheelie bins, and custom bins.

bin rental vancouver

“Dumpster King” is the perfect company for your garbage collection needs. We provide convenient, and affordable bin rental Vancouver for your residential and commercial garbage and recycling needs. We carry a large inventory of dumpsters to match your specific needs.

“Dumpster King” is licensed to collect and process trash in Vancouver and surrounding areas and is an authorized dealer of most major brands and types of commercial trash bins. All of our bins are certified by the Recycling Council of B.C (RCBC).

“Dumpster King” is fully licensed to collect, sort, and transport all kinds of trash including recycling, wood waste, paper products, cans, tin cans, metal, glass, aluminum, and plastic. Our bins are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Most of our commercial bins are constructed of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, polyethylene or stainless steel.

“Dumpster King” has the latest, highest quality commercial bins available on the market for your needs and they are made out of durable materials. This means that your garbage will not only be collected and sorted properly, but they will be stored properly as well. These bins are also easy to load and unload. When you want a fresh start with your garbage collection, you can use our bins for your next trash collection. and have the peace of mind that your garbage will be collected in a timely manner.

We also offer a convenient, affordable garbage collection for your home or office. “Dumpster King” is the only garbage collection company in the Vancouver area that is licensed to accept residential, commercial, industrial, government, and municipal trash. We have a fleet of dumpsters that includes four wheel drive dumpsters, twelve wheeler dumpsters, and twelve foot garbage trucks.

The four wheel drive dumpster is the best choice for getting your garbage from the curb or parking lot and is the best choice for your job. The twelve wheeler dumpster is the perfect choice if you are moving heavy or bulky material in a large quantity. Most of our dumpsters have tie downs for additional security and safety and to protect the area from any potential damage from wind or debris.

“Dumpster King” also provides a free one-hour estimate on our bins and other services so that you can compare our rates to others. before choosing our services for your garbage collection and trash removal needs. We offer dumpster rentals, dumpster installation, and loading and unloading, and other trash pickup services to meet your needs. You can choose the type of service you require.