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Baby Jogger Strollers vs. GT Trax is the two most popular strollers in the market today. These two companies and their strollers are worth comparing in order to have a clear picture about the two. The baby jogger stroller review is for parents who want to buy one of these strollers but do not know which one to buy.

baby jogger city mini vs gt

First, I should explain why I recommend buying a Baby Jogger City Mini or a GT Trax stroller over a generic type. They have a lot of features and benefits that you can get only when you buy their strollers. If you are searching for a stroller, I strongly suggest that you purchase one of these two.

First of all, a baby Jogger City Mini is very lightweight. With this type of stroller, your baby will feel so comfortable while he/she is being placed in it. It comes with a five point harness that should be a requirement when you buy this stroller.

The second feature that you should check out on a Baby Jogger City Mini is its lights. You should also pay attention to the tires of the stroller. I would suggest checking the tires for punctures because you never know when a baby might bump it. Check its wheels and make sure they are of good quality because you will need them when you are in use.

The Baby Jogger City Mini is smaller than the GT Trax stroller, but it does not mean that it is the smallest. It has a double-carriage and even has a three-point harness. This stroller also has a caster seat that will help you to be comfortable when placing your baby on it.

The Baby Jogger City Mini has an emergency brake and you should check the brakes of both strollers in order to know which one should be used. If the brakes are damaged, you should change them before you start using it. Both strollers have four wheels that is suitable to the baby’s weight.

The Baby Jogger City Mini stroller has more features than the GT Trax stroller. The features of the Baby Jogger City Mini include one wheel brake, recline feature, storage basket, and storage for your baby bottles. The Baby Jogger City Mini is priced lower than the GT Trax stroller, but I do not suggest you get the lower priced one. Both of these strollers are designed to be equally efficient.

If you want to purchase a stroller, I strongly recommend you to buy a Baby Jogger City Mini. But if you want to save money, I strongly suggest you to buy the GT Trax stroller.