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For the last several years, Maple ridge towing has received a good amount of attention from people in all walks of life. It’s located right on the Canadian Pacific Railway right at Port Alsworth, Washington. Their reputation is built on excellent customer service and their ability to quickly get to their clients when they need to.

Maple ridge towing
towing maple ridge

They have many towing services that can fit any budget. Their basic towing package includes the use of their towing trucks, ladder tow, truck towing, and towing pets. As a business owner, you can customize your special package to fit your needs. Some packages include the use of a pickup truck, ladder towing, and towing pets. Maple ridge towing services has a nationwide network of sales reps that can assist customers wherever they are in the country.

If you are stranded or lost, you can call their roadside assistance number, find out their contact information, and schedule an appointment to see them. The towing company representatives will assess the situation and determine what they recommend. Once you schedule an appointment with a Maple ridge towing company, they will get to your location to assist you from the road to the tow truck to your vehicle.

When towing larger vehicles, such as a recreation vehicle or a boat, the crew will strap a chock on to the tow truck to hold the trailer to the ground while it is being towed. The chock is adjustable so that the driver can adjust to a length that is most convenient for them. They will also strap safety straps to the trailer to prevent it from being over-towed or towing it unevenly. All of these precautions will help to protect your vehicle and possessions from theft or damage.

Drivers can call the roadside assistance number to find out whether the towing service has another vehicle in their fleet to render assistance to a flat tire. If they do not, drivers can call their own cars to tow the flat tire to their care. The towing technicians at the Maple ridge towing service can change a flat tire, or they can recommend a company that has the equipment to change a flat tire. If they cannot perform the service at the location where the vehicle is located, drivers can call a different company that has the proper equipment to perform the towing service.

Flat tires are inconvenient and dangerous for all drivers. When they occur, drivers should take care to avoid being towed to an area where their car may be damaged or stolen. If a tow truck driver knows that the towing service will only use a jack to raise a vehicle, he should refuse to tow the vehicle if the towing service needs to use a flatbed truck to transport it to the nearest location. Drivers should also refuse to tow a tow truck that requires them to climb a ladder or engage in dangerous physical activities to access the vehicle.