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As one of North America’s top vacation destinations, there’s no lack of visitors who undertake Canadian Rockies trips each year. Canadian Rockies trips will certainly treat you to a number of worthwhile attractions, exquisite landscape, serene natural parks, marvelous wildlife, and a variety of other fun-filled activities. There are numerous railway companies that offer trips within the Canadian Rockies that will take visitors to a range of destinations.

Tour of Canadian Rockies

One of the most popular Canadian Rockies tour packages is the Campbell’s Huts region. This tour departs from Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Pacific coast and makes its way to the beautiful Banff National Park in Alberta. Travelers will delight in a range of scenic panoramas, including the scenic Skywalk, the River valley and the Tumbler Creek. The highlight of this tour is at the end, which will take participants to Glacier National Park.

Other popular tours available include trips that visit the three National Parks in Banff National Park. These tours depart from Vancouver and arrive at the popular Glacier National Park. Here, visitors can experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Giant’s Causeway, the rainbow mountain spring, the river Canyon and the National Park’s famous Wild Cats. In addition to the geological wonders within the area, visitors will enjoy mountain biking, hiking, cycling and rafting, photography, and geocaching. There are also campsites along the rivers, as well as cabins located within the parks.

Several other tour packages exist for visitors interested in seeing wildlife in Banff National Park. Campbell’s Huts Tour Packages offers an option for sightseeing by means of a train, bus or air. Campbell’s Huts Tour Packages leaves from the Kootenay National Park’s Bridal Veil Falls Hut and goes through some spectacular scenery and into the heart of Banff National Park. For those interested in touring while swimming, the Campbell’s Alpine Bus Tour Package leaves from the Sunshine Village of Banff and travels throughout the park.

The National Parks of Canada is home to a variety of awe-inspiring views. For example, one of the most awe-inspiring features in the National Park is the Peace Lake Glacier. The awe-inspiring views and sounds of the glacier are best seen in winter, when temperatures remain low. To experience this sight without a long wait, the tour operator may organize a tour of the park in autumn, whereby a breakfast with delicious scenery and a guided tour of the glacier are included. Further Banff tour packages allow visitors to go on a hiking/sightseeing adventure through the national park, on to The Jasper Ridge and Yukon Railroad, or on to the Jasper Ridge Overlook, where a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains can be appreciated.

In addition to all that stunning Canadian Rockies scenery, there are also many other activities available. There are many walking tours of the region, as well as more adventurous tours of geysers and other waterfalls. The Spirit Wings Tour of Banff offers visitors the option of flying over the peaks of the Rocky Mountains while being asked to walk an additional trail. Spirit Wings Tour is led by professional skiers and instructors who offer a comprehensive tour of the area’s geography, history, wildlife, art, and culture.

The Spirit Wings Tour of Canadian Rockies is one of several group tours of the park that can be arranged. These tours include a hotel stay at one of the park’s 21 hotels, lunch, light breakfast, and a guided tour of the interior and exterior of the park. Many tour groups choose to halt at one of the parks’ twenty-two outdoor campgrounds for a night at one of its many campsites. While at the campsite, visitors may sample the cuisine of the area, swim in one of the area’s streams, or simply relax by the campfire. At night, visitors may join other campers for a bonfire and more music.

Another of the tour options available can be an out-and-back Canadian Rockies tour. This option includes arriving by car and taking a tour through the Canadian Rockies. From there, you drive further into the Rockies, stopping periodically along the route to have a picnic, take a hike, or just to sit down for a spell and talk. Each of these tours includes a pit crew, which include members from the Royal Canadian Mountaineers, and other wilderness experts to make sure your trip is an enjoyable one.