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A whipped cream charger is an aluminum cylinder or plastic cartridge filled with nitrous oxide which is used as a whipped cream ingredient in a whipped cream charger. The narrow end of such a charger has a black foil covering which is broken open to release the nitrous oxide gas. This is usually achieved by a blow torch in the whipped cream charger. Such a charger, when charged with enough pressure can get the job done very quickly.

The difference between a standard cream and a N2O cream charger is that the former use nitrogen to create the whipped cream and not oxygen, so it does not require any oxidation in order to produce nitrous oxide. Standard cream heaters produce oxygen while dispensing the cream, therefore, they are not suitable for dispensing the correct amount of N2O to your dispenser because too much oxygen will make the whipped cream spoiled before the nitrous oxide have even reached it. It also produces more heat, therefore, it uses more energy than other type of chargers. The latest innovation of the N2O cream chargers makes it possible to use such chargers without any oxidation at all.

The most popular variety of N2O cream chargers is the one which is fitted onto a dispensing pen. The process is simple, the customer places his or her order on the pen and with a push of the button, the charger sends a burst of compressed air through the pen, knocking out all bubbles, then the pen is placed into a dispensing cup. The liquid is now ready for use. If you want to use the same charger for a longer period of time, you just need to remove the cap and re-insert it into the dispenser.

N2O cream chargers
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While using standard cream whippers, the customer needs to use pressure to whip the cream to the desired height, but when using the nitrous oxide chargers, you can increase or decrease the pressure to achieve the height you want. Furthermore, using this charger does not affect the quality of the whipped cream. It gives the same taste as you get from the shop. However, this type of charger might be more expensive than the standard cream whippers.

With regard to safety, both types of cream chargers are safe to use and they do not cause any fire or electrocution. However, one advantage of using the nitrous oxide chargers is that it can also change the color of the whipped cream if you leave it for a longer time than usual. In addition, both chargers are environmentally friendly and they do not emit any harmful smoke.

Using no charger and standard cream whippers is an effective way of making whipped cream. It saves money and time. But in order to maximize the quality of the whipped cream, you should only use the high quality charger that contains no chemical agents. Check whether the N2O cream chargers you are going to purchase contain no harmful chemicals.