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It’s a bit of a challenge when you visit the site of some of the smaller companies out there. Some of the small business owners don’t have a lot of marketing budget to spend, so they just offer generic things. This is not the right way to go about doing it and here’s why:

Visit their site. This is the key. It’s not so much a choice, but a necessity.

You have to make your own mind up about how well you can get promoted in Action Athletic Wear. You can’t just join their mailing list or whatever they’ve offered you. You’ll need to set up your own Facebook fan page and tweet about them.

That will bring you plenty of direct traffic. Action Athletic Wear has a good track record, and they’re one of the most successful social media sites out there. People from all over the world will be visiting your page if you get to know who you’re dealing with.

When they post the advertising, you can send them direct traffic on the site. Use it to build up your presence. Also, you have to be creative.

To promote your business through Action Athletic Wear, try to add something unique to the site. Maybe they’re doing their own event and they’ll be promoting it as a special, or maybe they’ll be promoting the company or sponsoring a competition.

All this is something that the average marketing agency won’t do, because they feel that the customers are better served by promoting the product through the internet or other avenues. Their primary goal is the product. They’re focused on getting people to buy the product.

Visit their site. Even if you can’t promote your business that way, they should still benefit from the traffic. You should make yourself easy to reach and easy to identify.