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A spa is a location that can make you feel comfortable and relaxed, it can calm you down after a hard day at work, or after being on your feet all day. Most spas in the Western world are completely independent businesses that offer amenities such as a room full of relaxing natural oils and massage chairs to relax and stimulate the mind and body.

Most people going to a yoga Thailand retreat often feel exhausted, stressed out, and foggy-headed in the mornings. They come in with visions of spending their days splashing around in warm natural oils and massaging the sore muscles from their last run on the treadmill. Most end up with those results, but not always.

Many of the same problems and worries that come up when going to a spa to get worse when going to a yoga retreat. In fact, many times, people may go to a spa and spend their vacation feeling like they’ve gotten nowhere. They will return to their homes, feeling worn out and sometimes more stressed out than when they came in the first place.


On the other hand, a yoga retreat is about paying attention to the connection between body and mind. The purest form of meditation, Yoga consists of a series of poses that utilize the entire body. When a person is fully engaged in this process, many problems associated with stress and tension are lifted.

This same sense of connectedness and relaxation is necessary to use at a spa during a detox program, because many of the toxins in our bodies can get stuck on our skin in places where no spa would be able to reach, such as in the pores of our skin. A spa can offer a wide range of massages and other treatments, but those things just won’t do much to eliminate the toxins. It’s only when you get outside of yourself and are fully aware of the body that the real detox can take place.

The most popular detox product is a Thai Massage, which is a form of Thai massage that uses pressure applied to the skin’s surface, or in some cases, the body itself. When a person gets this kind of treatment, he or she feels the relaxation and connection between themselves and the surrounding environment. The individual also starts to release toxins and other foreign substances from the skin, which reduces the effects of these toxins in the body. This gives the body time to clear out those clogs before heading to the spa.

Both therapies can be practiced together, or separately, depending on the needs of the wellness retreat. Depending on the requirements of the center, yoga retreats may include programs for detoxing the whole body, or simply concentrating on the various parts of the body. Each person should be made aware of the different levels of relaxation that will be used during each session, so that everyone gets an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of each technique.

Although the benefits of Thai massage and detox are the same, there are enough differences that each one can be adapted to enhance the other. It is important that you decide what the whole body wellness retreat will consist of before booking one, so that you are aware of what each element offers.