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“Home Inspection in Chilliwack – The Right Choice” is the first detailed look I’ve had on Home Inspection in Chilliwack. I had a client that was looking to move into a new home in Chilliwack and she wanted to know if it was OK to have a home inspection in Chilliwack. She found her search for information so easy to do online. I hope this article helps you decide if a home inspection in Chilliwack is right for you.

home inspection in Chilliwack

“At Mr. Home Inspector, Inc., we use infrared cameras and other specialized equipment to identify problems, while doing our inspections and electronic reporting systems that include many high-resolution pictures. A home inspection in Chilliwack allows you to see the home from the ground up. You can get a better idea of how the home will look like when you buy it.”

Mr. Mark O’Brien, Commercial General Contractor says “The biggest reason for home inspectors checking out your house is safety. The home inspector will see if there are any defects that could cause serious harm or injury to anyone while they are in the home. The home inspector’s goal is to make sure the home is safe for the home buyer. Sometimes home inspectors will also check to see if a home inspection plan is required by the provincial government.”

A home inspector is someone who has been trained to assess the quality of a home. Their job is to give prospective home buyers peace of mind that the home they are buying is a good one. Most home inspectors have at least three years experience in the construction or repair field and can perform the necessary repairs with ease. A home inspection in Chilliwack will ensure the home inspector has done his/her due diligence before purchasing the home you are interested in.

Not only are home inspectors trained to detect problems with a home, but they are also trained to find solutions to any issues they detect. Mr. O’Brien explains “Many home inspectors will actually come into the home and do a complete remodel. This is a large financial commitment, so home inspectors will often suggest to the seller that they add new windows, new insulation, and carpets to keep the home comfortable and efficient while maintaining the original appearance of the home.”

Home inspectors in Chilliwack also help to create a livable place to live. They take the time to really look at the home and do an inspection of the mechanical systems of the home and then determine what the maintenance needs of a home are. For instance, Mr. O’Brien states “The home inspectors will assess the roof, the plumbing, the heating, the drainage, the attic, and the central air conditioning system. Then they will recommend changes in those areas or in the entire home that will improve its efficiency and value. For example, if the basement needs to be repaired, they will suggest adding double hung windows and double insulation to keep the home warm during the winter months and cool in the summer months.”

A home inspection in Chilliwack doesn’t have to be extensive, in fact, it is suggested that most home inspectors spend no more than half an hour on each floor of the home. The reason for this is that home inspectors in Chilliwack want to ensure their customer’s homes are safe and stable and that they aren’t likely to experience any surprises once inside the home. Mr. O’Brien goes on to explain “A home inspection is not just about showing you the defects – it’s about preventing these defects. Most home inspectors will go over the condition of the foundation, the electrical system, the plumbing, the heating system, the ventilation and the heating, the ceiling and the windows.”

A home inspection in Chilliwack offers homeowners peace of mind and a greater sense of security. Knowing what’s going on in your home is very important. It’s also a great way for home inspectors to ensure that you don’t need any further repairs or renovations to make your home safer. When choosing a home inspection service in Chilliwack, make sure you find one that is accredited by the Canadian Home Inspectors Association (CHIA). This certification means that the home inspection company has proven themselves to be up to date on home inspection policy and practice.